Red Dot Secret Course

The Red Dot Secret Course is an eight week online course that will be going through everything you need from idea worth sharing to ovation as well as how to use this opportunity for marketing.  

You will learn in the first three weeks, all you need to know about the application and interview process, you will receive a checklist of everything you will need to standout in your application and interview, as well as creating a talk around your idea worth sharing. 

Week four through six, we will be practicing your talk, mastering your message, learning about vocal tonality and presentation skills to make a massive impact, in order to go viral on the TED platform.

Learn what you need to be doing the week leading up to your talk to the day of your talk, overcoming nervousness, getting into the perfect stage before taking stage, and what to eat, drink, vocal warmups, physicality warmup to get your ready to nail it out of the park.