Professional Speaker Review

Review of Positioning

Review and feedback of your website, social media platforms to examine your social proof and credibility. 

Review of Your Reel/Video/One Sheet

Review and feedback on your speaking marketing materials. 

Review of your Talk and Offer

Review and Feedback on how you can improve your presentation and your offer.

You will receive a 1.5 hour deep dive session with Erin Loman Jeck where you will review her critiques of: 

* Your Website and your positioning as the "go-to expert" in your industry.

* Your Social Media Channels

* Your Speaker One Sheet 

* Your Speakers Reel or Video of you Speaking

* Analysis of Your Ideal Audience and Where you Should be Speaking

* Two General Admission Tickets to the upcoming Transformational Speakers Summit in Palm Springs Sept 19-21st 2019. 

You will also receive her private list of over 100+ sites where you can find and apply for speaking gigs right away.  Also,  a list of platforms where you should have a speaking profile in order for organizers to find you.  

"Erin's feedback completely changed the trajectory of my business. I struggled to get more than 2 speaking gigs a month, after Erin helped me with my messaging and marketing tools, I shifted from outbound marketing to organizers seeking me out to speak on my topic. I didn't know that someone could be so in-tune to what is missing. My talk also starting getting me more clients with each talk."

Empowerment Coach

Full Payment

"I was so skeptical when I first came across Erin's training, I binged listened to her podcast, and then finally pulled the trigger. It was after a talk that I gave that I thought would really work to get clients, and I left defeated, I hadn't closed one. I was so sick and tired of speaking and not getting clients. Thanks for her coaching and feedback over several weeks, we discovered many areas of improvement, and specific actions to take. She gave me insights into how to walk the stage, bring emotions, and work on tonality. She is an expert in these areas, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their skills. Since I worked with her, I've spoken at over 10 events, and continue to tap into what she taught me. "

Coach, Author, Speaker

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