Transformational Leaders Mentoring Program

The Transformational Leaders Mentoring program includes everything you need to master your unique message, create leveraged programs and packages, and get your systems in place to convert your audiences on any platform into ACTUAL PAYING CLIENTS, so you can start scaling your business to the level you want.

Our year long mentoring program shows you exactly how to use the secrets I have learned scaling my business to multiple six figures, creating the impact and influence that gets you on stages you desire and being seen as the thought leader in your industry, all while creating the lifestyle you want.  Many gurus have sold their higher priced packages, double their sales, and gotten on more stages with Erin’s training because the methods she teaches simply converts.

The TLM program is for you if:

  • You want to sell one-hour coaching sessions at $199 or $20k high-end packages, this program will help you double or triple your ability to offer and convert clients with love and integrity.
  • You are incredible leader in your industry and you deliver high quality value to your clients, but they might now know where to find you and maybe aren’t sure they need you.
  • You are overwhelmed with all the work that needs to get done in your business, have many ideas but don’t know where to start, and don’t know where to focus your time to give you the fastest path to revenue.
  • You are excited about the opportunity to work with a one: one mentor so you can finally get your systems, packaging, prices, and marketing/sales working to bring you in clients consistently.
  • You have struggled to close consistent sales because you have felt inauthentic, salesy, and not heartfelt in your closing/sales strategies.
  • You want leveraged, online systems, courses, offers, that can create the results you want for your clients, so you can work less, make more money, and impact more people.

This Program is designed to give you the support you need to:

  • Create your high-converting sales funnels designed to attract and convert your dream clients into paying clients.
  • Discover and modify components of your business that aren’t working to deliver you the clients you want every day. We will help you look at all the components of your business for what is working and what needs tweaking and build on it to move you quickly into a highly profitable business.
  • Create your signature talk, that deeply connects with the audience (of any size 1:1 or 1: many) and moves them into converting to work with you further.
  • Create a marketing plan for your programs for the entire year, so you know where to focus your attention to bring in more clients to generate revenue when you need it most.
  • You get the exact sales script and the conversational structure for you to duplicate.
  • Create multiple streams of income, based on your experience and expertise that leverage your time, effort, and allow you to create the lifestyle you deserve.

 Here is exactly what you will discover when you join the mentoring program:

Private Fast-Track One-on-One Mentoring                             (VALUE $24,000)

  • The private support and strategy you need to get the results you want, the fastest and simplest way possible. 36 private coaching calls.

 Transformational Leaders Online Academy      (VALUE $5,000)                        

  • Online coursework that can be done on your own and will be assigned as homework to get you on the fast track to sales and conversions.
  • Crafting your talk with an offer that converts.
  • Creating your ideal audience for highest conversions.
  • Compelling communication, using the psychology of connection to deeply connect with your audience. Learning vocal tonality, breathing techniques, and stage presence.
  • Overcoming the fear response on stage or before stage. How to get into state before taking stage.
  • You will create multiple income streams.
  • Learn how to get on more stages, craft marketing collaterals needed for being booked, templates, scripts, and websites to get registered on.
  • Learn everything you need to know to create your own events.
  • Learn how to create an online course in less than a week and how to sell it.
  • $10k Blueprint- how to get on any stage and consistently make $10k +. Learn how I made $100,000 in a 5 minute talk from stage.

 Transformational Leaders Live Group Coaching                   (VALUE $10,000)

  • Get on the fastest path to clients and revenue by joining our weekly Q&A/HOTSEAT calls every Wednesday from 12-1pm PST over ZOOM. Recorded for your convenience.  You have a question I will answer live in person for the entire group on this weekly call time.
  • 3rd Wednesday of every month is a 2-hour call from 12-2pm PST over zoom, come with part of your talk to practice and get feedback on, practice sales calls, role play enrollments, or practice your offer from a virtual stage. This call will be set up for you to give and receive feedback from the group and myself.  You want to speak weekly and get better and better, here is your chance. 
  • You can also find an accountability buddy in the group and set up weekly check in’s with them.
  • You will pick someone to do a Joint Venture with in the group, this will help you increase your list and your partners, as well as learning how to structure an affiliate or JV partnership.

2 VIP tickets to the Speakers Success Summit 2019            (VALUE $1,395)

  • You receive two tickets to my upcoming 2-3 day event in San Diego, where you and a guest get front rows access, lunch provided, swag, extra training, and 2 minutes on my stage in front of the entire audience for expert panel feedback.

Private Facebook Group                                                       (VALUE $2,000)

  • Network with this intimate group of Transformational Leaders and ask Erin and her team for help along the way as you hit your goals, bring in more clients, get feedback from these amazing leaders on everything you are creating, and get more speaking gigs with partnering to get on stages together. 


We are committed to your success and excellence, we provide you with the very best quality content available in the Speaking Business Coaching industry.  In this program, Erin shares her most effective strategies, scripts, and systems with you which she has personally tested, proven, and optimized over the past 10 years. Just give it a try and see for yourself- there is no risk and you can only win!  We promise almost immediate results.  If you follow the guidance and systems provided in this program you will be equipped with a step-by-step roadmap on how to master your message, marketing, sales, and conversions to create epic transformation and increase you impact and income at the same time. 

Learning to get your unique message and gifts to the right clients and enrolling them with ease will accelerate your business and allow you to make an even greater impact in this world. You are going to create more income, more time freedom, and fulfillment for yourself.