Erin Loman Jeck
Success Coach,
Speaker & Author

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Here's What You'll Learn To Build A Successful Speaking Business

Get Noticed, Get Booked, and Get Paid to Create an Impact

Back-end Revenue Streams

Top things you need to know to capitalize on all the streams of income that the top speakers use.

Seeding the Sale

Discover the ways that you can seeding instead of being a sleazy sales speaker.

Create Your Legacy Talk

Create an EPIC speech that will keep getting you gigs, making an impact, and is memorable. What is your story that you can share to make an impact.

Professional Media Kit

Requirements and desires of event planners. Know what they want to stand out in your submissions.

What to say to decision makers, how much to charge and get paid

How to get what you are worth, what to charge, how to negotiate your contract, and what to say to decision makers.

Host Your Own Workshops

Learn how to host and fill your own events for maximum profits.

What People Are Saying About Erin

"Erin is an amazing coach! She took this introvert and helped me step up and out onto stage, where I was able to double my sales in my business."

~ Erin Alexander

“Erin is a tremendous resource and leader for anyone looking to develop their voice, their message and their speaking skills in their business. She is an impactful speaker, a highly engaging coach, and a delight to know as both a colleague and friend. Erin's commitment to continual business and personal development translates into accelerated leadership and support for her clients and their results. I highly recommend that you connect with Erin.”

~ Heather Campbell