As the leading expert in all things speaking, Erin Loman Jeck hosts a myriad of events to help transformational speakers take the stage, share their message, and impact the world.  She teaches speakers to take the stages that apply their purpose and message, whether on stages, workshops, and LIVE videos.  Erin empowers Transformational Speakers to be impactful, influential and inspiring.   Join us for the next workshop or for her annual two-day Speakers Success Summit in Seattle April 13-15th 2018.   Bellevue WA  9-6pm daily 

We all have a story -- and people buy stories, not facts. If you are in sales, people buy not because they love your product, but because they love your story -- your why. If you are a coach, people hire you for your relatabilty and your story. If you are a speaker, they hire you because of your story and how you use it to teach transformative information. No matter what business you are in, you sell stories. How do you want your story to be received by your customers?

What’s your why? What’s your personal hero’s journey story? Learn how to capitalize on it at the Speaker Success Summit.

If you’re not already a speaker, no worries:

This Summit is for you if you are an ENTREPRENEUR wanting to UP your game.

This Summit is for you if you are a CORPORATE EXECUTIVE wanting to advance in your industry.

This Summit is for you if you have a burning desire to share your message with the world but have nno idea how to do it.


We will cover:

Overcoming fear (fear of public speaking, fear of being seen/heard, and fear of being judged) and getting into state

Writing your signature talk

Creating an offer (product creation)

Storytelling, connecting with the audience, and converting sales

Where to get gigs, what to charge, what to negoiate

Live video marketing (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube)

Non-verbal Communication

Using your voice as an instrument (this is key)

Monetizing your message, creating mulitple streams of income with your message (podcasting, videos, email, online courses, workshops...)

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