Welcome to the Transformational Speakers Podcast.  This show covers everything about being a Transformational Speaker, Thought Leader, and getting paid to speak.  

TEDx Readiness

You want to learn what it takes to apply, stand out in your submission, and get chosen to speak on the TEDx stage.

Free talk to $10k

Learn the step-by-step plan to convert a free talk to $10k in sales. Learn what 6-7 figure speakers are doing to convert more sales.

Compelling Communication

Have you ever wondered why some speakers and leaders can captivate your attention while others fall flat? Watch this video to understand the Psychology of Connection and what Erin teaches.


Compelling Communication for Families

Download for prompts to use with your family to increase open communication for you with your children. 

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Communication Style Quiz

Come learn what your communication style is and how you can motivate others in their communication style, when pitching your idea or business, speaking on large stages, or in everyday communication. 

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Create Your Own Expert Positioning Statement

Do you have an elevator pitch?  A one liner that stands out amongst your competitors?  Work through a short exercise to help you have one today. 

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Get the strategy and script that I used to book 15 speaking gigs over a weekend.


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